Indoor Air Quality Testing

A set of comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Testing services are provided by EES including the testing of Cleanroom, Particle Count, and Contaminants Levels. This is associated with Air Duct Cleaning and Duct Leakage Testing to ensure that the end users living in clean, comfortable and healthy environment, and also to decrease energy costs by allowing the mechanical components to operate more efficiently.







Clean Room Testing

To reduce contamination and control airborne particulate concentrations and environmental conditions in critical areas, clean rooms are designed to use HEPA filtered air and specific airflow design parameters. Clean rooms can be subjected to either positive or negative pressure. EES provides clean room testing services in accordance with international standards and procedures in order to meet the project's requirements.


Duct Air Leakage Testing

According to studies, 10%-30% of the heated or cooled air, as well as the money spent to heat or cool that air, is lost through leaky ducts. As a result, duct air leakage testing is highly recommended.

A duct leakage tester is used to test for leaks. It consists of a calibrated fan for measuring air flow rate and a pressure sensing device for measuring the pressure created by the fan flow. Duct air leakage testing is carried out using:

•    Identifying duct work section to be tested – Calculated surface area
•    Sealing duct work
•    Pressurizing duct work to specified level
•    Measuring flow required to maintain duct pressure
•    Comparing to standards and specifications


Air Duct Cleaning

The objective of Air Duct Cleaning is to ensure that end users live in a clean, comfortable, and healthy environment, as well as to reduce energy costs by allowing mechanical components to operate more efficiently and last longer, by removing visible and non-visible contaminants such as dust, debris, moisture, and microbial growth from the entire air duct system, as these contaminants can affect indoor air quality and pose a health risk.

EES provides Air Duct Cleaning services by utilizing cutting-edge Duct Cleaning Technology Equipment and adhering to National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards.



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