The goal of systems commissioning is to ensure that the systems and equipment are designed, supplied, and installed in accordance with the contract documents and that they operate in accordance with the project requirements. Regular inspections and system operational tests must be designed and executed to adequately demonstrate that the entire system meets these requirements.

EES Commissioning Managers will be in charge of leading, planning, scheduling, and coordinating commissioning activities with the client to ensure that targeted objectives are met.

It worth's mentioning that projects targeting LEED Certification shall comply with LEED rating system requirements regarding Fundamental & Enhanced Commissioning. 


List of Commissioning Management Services:

•    Developing & Implementing the Commissioning Plan
•    Reviewing MEP Drawings from Commissioning Perspective
•    Reviewing the Testing & Commissioning Method Statements for MEP systems
•    Commissioning Verification for MEP systems
•    Developing (O&M Manuals) scheme for commissioned systems and reviewing them
•    Verifying completion of training requirements
•    Completing the commissioning report


List of Commissioned Systems: 


•    HVAC Systems:
-    Air Handling Units (AHU's)
-    Fresh Air Handling Units (FAHU's)
-    Exhaust & Ventilation Fans
-    Fresh/Supply Air Fans
-    Jet Fans
-    Pressurization Fans
-    Fan Coil Units (FCU's)
-    Computer Room AC Units (CRACs)
-    DX Split Unit Air Conditioner Units
-    Variable Air Volume Boxes (VAV's)
-    Constant Air Volume Boxes (CAV's)
-    Air Outlets (Diffusers, Registers and Grills)
-    Chillers
-    Chilled Water Pumps
-    Balancing Valves

•    Fire Fighting Systems:
-    Automatic Sprinkler System
-    Fire Standpipes (Hose Cabinets)
-    Fire Suppression System (FM 200 or NOVEC)
-    Fire Fighting Pumps
-    Zone Control Valves
-    Fire Extinguishers

•    Plumbing Systems:
-    Water Heaters
-    Domestic Water Booster and Lifting Pumps
-    RO Filtration System
-    Water Tanks monitoring

•    Irrigation System:
-    Irrigation Piping
-    Irrigation Pumps

•    Drainage Systems:
-    Rainwater Drainage System
-    Submersible Pumps

•    Fuel System:
-    Fuel Piping
-    Fuel Pumps


-    Lighting Systems
-    Lightning Control System
-    MV Switchgear
-    LV Generators
-    Transformers
-    Automatic Transfer Switches
-    Main and Sub-Main Distribution Boards
-    Motor Control System
-    Capacitor Banks
-    Central Battery System
-    Wiring & Switches Devices
-    Isolated Power System
-    Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
-    Grounding Protection System
-    Car Parking System
-    Power Factor Units
-    Ring Main Units
-    Earthing and Bonding System
-    IP Telephone System
-    Audio-Visual Systems
-    IP TV System
-    Master Clock System
-    Fire & Voice Alarm System
-    Security CCTV System
-    Access Door Systems
-    Building Management Systems


For LEED projects, EES is also assigned to the project team as The Independent Commissioning Authority (CxA) to manage the commissioning process as outlined in the LEED BD&C reference guide commissioning requirements. 


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