Retro-commissioning is the process of applying the commissioning process to existing buildings. The process of retro-commissioning seeks to improve the interoperability of building equipment and systems.
Retro-commissioning is frequently used to address issues that arose during design or construction as well as issues that arose later in the building's life.

Overall, retro-commissioning improves the operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures of a building in order to improve overall building performance.

Retro-commissioning reduces building operating costs, potentially increasing net operating income. Fewer occupant complaints and better system management are reported by building managers. Building staff is being trained, documentation is being improved, and building occupants are feeling more at ease. Savings in operating costs of up to %15-10 are possible. 


Retro-commissioning services include:

•    Piping and ducting random checks will be conducted using borescope cameras for duct work, plumbing, chilled water, and firefighting piping networks.
The goal of the CCTV Inspection for duct work and piping is to generate dilapidation reports that will assist the client in evaluating the current situation for the installed duct work and piping by being aware of the current status of the mentioned systems, and then after the inspection reports have been studied, a decision will be made for each system. 

•    System and major equipment performance and operation testing (AHUs, pumps, etc.)


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